Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TV Serials

was just thinking.. take any serial for example..every serial will run around some or the other problem.. i mean nobody can show a serial..a movie..where everything is going on well.. happy and all ..
when a particular problem in a particular serial ends up..serial ends..
isn't it?
is it applicable for "life" also?
problems never end.. sometime this or that will keep coming..may be.. that is what the "syntax" of life..
the only thing in our hands is.."pray"... keep mind busy.. live happily ..
i said "pray" because.. i feel it helps.. to calm our minds ..

somewhere i have heard.. life is like a "theater" we all are artists.... something and all...
then the way serials work..may be our lives also..?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Answer for everything.. सगळी उत्तर

Many times i realised ..we are created by nature.. a great power..
so all the problems ..questions and their solution and answers must be hidden in nature only..
a small observation in nature would help may be..
when we go in garden..what do we pick up..flowers or thorns?
ofcourse pretty pretty colourful flowers right? then why we fail to pick up good qualities in others?
even i realised it just few hours back...am not saying i saw or used to see good things only in everybody..
but when i drive home..from office.. many thoughts come in mind..
this was just one of them..
i think thats why they say
"attitude" matters
i htink now i realised how?
i used to wonder how ? how?
it helps in keeping ourselves cool.....may be ..isnt it?

Thanx for giving some time to read whole .. stuff

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I had got some thought which i thought would help me in having peace of mind..
everybody knows..and says dont expect so that it would hurt you..
so i used to think.. if we see a handicapped person , we dont expect that person to do things for us
instead we only feel like helping him/her ... the same i should think that there are people who are weak at mind ..
so i shouldn't expect from them ..instead help them ..
but at times ..it also becomes so difficult to control your mind from not getting disturbed or upset..
I did something from my heart.. did hardwork for somebody.. to have a nice time on some occasion..
i dont know why.. but i did expect to be praised.. for that ..
but...somebody else gets praising always.....and not me or B ..
i dont know how do people manage to retain faith in good things...
how come ..manipulative.. chalu people get admiration and not us..